Alina Valitova is art-director from Russia well known all over the world for series of looped videos that catch your eye. 

Born in Kazan she finished architecture university which was best school for forming of her vision of shot. While she was studying in university she won the Best of Russia prize in fashion photography. She is working as a photographer for 10 years, cooperated with Vogue, Tatler, Neon Mag, Cosmopolitan, fashion brands and celebrities. 

From the childhood inspiration for her art was to show people beauty of this world. Beauty is always around us, especially in simple things. Also she is sure that you can create something stunning not following trends but following your real vision and feelings.

You can always see the style that you can't mix up with anyone else. Best combination of aesthetics, colours and light are the main characters of her videos. Within just a few seconds you can dive in different worlds - from funny and bright to mysterious and dark.

Her work was included in Tate Modern Art x Instagram Exhibition, she was one of two speakers on first Instagram Event in Moscow, Apple x Instagram social media presentation. Featured on Instagram International, JapanGerman, FranceRussia and Spain accounts.